Product Specification Sheet APS193

Rev. 07/2013

TTU-5 High Security 2-Way Talk-Thru Communications System (Flush)

TTU-5 Flush-Mounted High-Security 2-Way
Talk-Thru Electronic Communication System
  • Clear, 2-way hands-free voice communication.
  • Avoids shouting, repetition, misunderstanding.
  • Provides ongoing activity-monitoring as needed.
  • Rugged, tamper-resistant materials.
  • Quality electronic design and engineering.
  • Bullet-resistant option available.*
  • Export models available.
  • Made in U.S.A.

Talk-Thru systems are shipped complete with mounting hard ware, instructions, and power supply (AC operated unit), or charger (battery operated unit).

Mechanical Specifications
Steel Backboxes:
11.50" H x 3.50" W x 2.00" D
Face Plates:
0.0625" Stainless Steel standard. (Other gauges available.) 13.625" H x 4.50" W
Depends on gauge and type of material.
Backboxes recessed in barrier wall.
Panel Controls:
Exterior (corridor) panel only - on-off switch, recessed listen volume, and recessed talk volume.

Flush Wall-Mounted System - Ideal for HighSecurity Locations

Monitoring the activities of inmates and patients in high-security or sensitive types of areas require a special kind of communication system. The system must be sensitive enough to deliver clear, intelligible communications in high-ambient noise environments. It must be durable enough to withstand a tough environment. And it must provide a measure of control for those responsible for the inmates or patients. 

The Alpha Communications®/Norcon TTU-5 is specifically designed to achieve this. It is intended for in-wall installations requiring flush-mounting and bullet-resistance. It is enclosed in a pair of wall-mounted galvanized steel boxes with stainless steel rectangular faces.

How It Works...

The microphone/speaker combination is designed to penetrate high-ambient noise levels. In addition, the TTU-5's circuity shapes and enhances the sound for maximum intelligibility. Its compression circuitry decreases loud, annoying sounds. The microphone/speaker and controls are flush with the panel, assuring a tamper-resistant environment. The operator has access to recessed volume controls.

How To Install...

The unit with the controls goes on the corridor side; the other unit on the inmate or patient side. Simply connect the cable provided to the terminal blocks on the stainless steel plates. Then fasten these plates to the backboxes using the tamper-proof screws and special tool furnished.

The panel on the exterior (corridor) side is connected to a continuous-duty, 117-Volt AC power supply which is stepped down to 12 Volts.

Electrical Specifications
Audio Frequency Response: Selectively shaped for maximum voice intelligibility
Audio Power: 2 watts per amplifier
Distortion: Less than 2%
Listen Mode: 20 dB compression
Talk Mode:
Microphones: Electret
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