Product Specification Sheet APS188

Rev. 07/2013

S1 and SL0 Roberts Head (Scrulox) Screwdrivers

S1 and SL-0 Scrulox Screwdrivers (Roberts Head)
The Alpha Communications® Model S1 Roberts Head screwdriver is used for installation and maintenance of many of our intercom systems, lobby panels, directories and master annunciators. It is designed to be used with a #6 size Roberts Head type screw.

We also offer a Model SL0 screwdriver for #4 Roberts Head screws, like the ones used to internally install some of our smaller components inside some of our stations and master annunciators.

While not required for system operation, most specifications call for the installing contractor to provide the facility with any "special tools" required for proper system maintenance.

We recommend that the installing contractor provide a model S1 and/or SL0 screwdriver, with each master annunciator station, on a nurse-call or emergency-call system.

NOTE: Roberts Head screwdrivers and screws are also known as Scrulox™ type. Scrulox™ is a registered trademark of the Robertson Mfg. Co. in Canada

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Contractor shall furnish one (or more) Alpha Communications® model S1 and/or SL0 (Roberts Head) screw-drivers, or approved equal.

Screwdriver(s) shall be used to provide access to the Alpha Communications® equipment, by the building or facility management.

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