Product Specification Sheet APS187

Rev. 07/2013

N553A Lamp/Bulb Extraction Tool for Bulb Maintenance

N553A Bulb Extraction Tool The Alpha Communications┬« model N553A bulb extraction tool is used primarily with our lighted annunciator units, for bulb extraction and replacement. It can be used with our CM800, DS100NC110N, NC150N, NC150R, NC200NSB5000 and other annunciator panels, using our model LI014 bulbs, (or LI014K kits) or the equivalent physical size.

While not required for system operation, most specifications call for the installing contractor to provide the facility with any "special tools" required for proper system maintenance.

We recommend that the installing contractor provide a model N553A bulb extraction tool, with each master annunciator station.

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

For each lighted annunciator panel (master station), contractor shall furnish one (or more) Alpha Communications® model N553A bulb extraction tools, or approved equal. Tool shall be used to easily replace the Model LI014 (or equivalent) annunciator bulbs, by the building management or maintenance dept.

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