Product Specification Sheet APS175

Rev. 07/2013

PM263 Serial Communication Card (for NC205)

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The serial communications port card shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone PM263. It shall provide the hardware and software necessary for a serial communication port.

When installed into an NC205 CE and connected to a compatible printer, it shall provide the communications necessary for the printer to generate an event printout.

The printout shall include such information as STATION number, EVENT description, and ZONE location of each event.

The addition of a PM263 and a serial printer to an NC205 CE shall be the only equipment necessary to generate an event printout.

The PM263 is only UL® 1069 Listed for applications requiring an event printer.

PM263 Serial Communication Card (NC205 Event Printing Option)
The PM263 Serial Communication Card (connected to an NC205 CE) adds event printing capability to the TekDIGICARE™ Nurse Call System. If connected to a compatible printer (Okidata 182 with serial interface or equivalent), it will provide the necessary information for the printer to generate an event printout. 

The printout will provide facility management with important information such as STATION number, EVENT description, and ZONE location of all events generated by all peripherals connected to that system (master included). 

If paging capability is desired, the PM263 Serial Output can be connected to a pager transmitter (NC365A to allow call data to be sent to a pocket-pager (NC395). Call types may be filtered via NC365A and NC395 programming.

The PM263 also provides a means of communicating the same event information about its particular system to management monitoring computer systems, via a standard 9600 baud serial communications port. Available anytime in the future.

  • Can be used as an upgrade to existing TekDIGICARE™ Systems and/or added at time of order (contact factory for more details)
  • Compact - combination serial/PROM card
Height: 0.63" (50.5mm) (2.06" with mounting bracket) Length: 4.50" (114.3mm) Width: 3.00" (76.2mm) (includes components)
Electronic components mounted on a double-sided plated circuit board
25 pin connector for printer connection
Required Components
  • NC260A Series Central Equipment
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