Product Specification Sheet APS174

Rev. 07/2013

NC363 Pocket Pager Interface Card (for NC300)

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
For use with NC350CP Tek-MICRO® Nurse Call Systems CPE
standard software version 1.93/DSN software version 4.03 or higher
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The pocket pager interface card(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone NC363. It shall provide the necessary hardware to add an additional serial port (for pocket paging) to an NC350CP Tek-Micro® Nurse Call System that already has a printer port in use.

The pocket pager interface card(s) shall be compatible with the NC366A pocket pager transmitter (or equivalent).

No additional software setup shall be needed to implement the pocket pager interface card. The pocket pager interface card shall use a 25 pin DIN connector and RS232 protocol, at 300 baud, to communicate to the appropriate pager system.

NC363 Pocket Pager Interface Card
The NC363 Pocket Pager Interface Card, combined with the appropriate software, adds pocket paging capability to an NC350CP Tek-Micro® Nurse Call System that already has a printer port in use. If it is connected to a compatible pager system, it will provide the necessary information for the pager system to activate pocket pagers by zone and display call information using the Motorola® Advisor Pocket Pager format only. This allows calls and associated information to be received by hospital personnel away from the nurse call master stations.

The Tek-MICRO® Nurse Call System software automatically detects and implements the NC363 Pocket Pager Interface Card. The NC363 serial port uses a 25 pin DIN connector and RS232 protocol, at 300 baud, to communicate to the appropriate pager system.

  • Provides pocket paging capability to existing TekMicro® Systems that already have a printer in use.
  • "Gold Contacts" for use buss connection.
Dimensions: Width: 4.31" (109mm) Height: 5.00" (127mm) Depth: 0.63" (16mm) (includes components)
Electronic components mounted on a double-sided printed circuit board with gold contacts.
Gold contacts for buss connection and 25 pin DIN connector for serial output to paging system.
Required Components
  • NC350CP Tek-MICRO® Nurse Call System with standard software version 1.93/DSN software version 4.03 or later
  • NC366A Pocket Pager Transmitter (or equivalent)
  • NC397A Alphanumeric Pocket Pager(s)
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