Product Specification Sheet APS171

Rev. 07/2013

NC386B Tek-MMARS II Management Monitoring and Reporting System

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The Management Monitoring And Reporting System (MMARS) shall be Alpha Communications®/ TekTone® Tek-MMARS™ II NC386B. It shall be capable of monitoring the activity of a combination of up to eight (8) Alpha Communications® NC300 & NC300II microprocessor-based nurse call systems. The calls from these systems shall be displayed on an SVGA flat panel color monitor. TekMMARS™ II shall also store on hard disk all the events from those systems. This information may be retrieved in the form of concise, easy-to-read Management Reports, requested by the user.

The NC386B shall include all software and hardware necessary to interface with the Alpha Communications® / TekTone® NC369 Radio Paging Transmitter unit.

NC386B Tek-MMARS™ II Management Monitoring And Reporting System
Tek-MMARS™ II is a fully integrated real time nurse/patient communications monitoring system. The Tek-MMARS™ II system allows data to be visually monitored and/or stored for follow-up review and evaluation. This system allows production of hard-copy printouts, which facilitates the process of generating periodic performance reports. 

Tek-MMARS™ II also allows enhanced pocket paging capability, including the assignment of pagers by zones, call types, shifts or room numbers.

  • Radio pager systems interface and programming software
  • Centralized Call Monitoring (not intended as the primary means of annunciation)
  • CRT monitoring and nurse station event printout
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP-based computer, includes: flat panel monitor, keyboard, keyboard mouse, speakers and dot-matrix printer for event printing.
  • Selective call monitoring in color
  • Reporting accessible via network
  • Selective CALL Monitoring in COLOR
  • Reporting accessible via network
Required Components
  • NC300 and/or NC300II Nurse Call System(s)
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