Product Specification Sheet APS167

Rev. 07/2013

NC373 On-Site UHF Paging System (8 Zones)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
UHF on-site paging system transmitter/control unit shall be Alpha Communications®/Tektone NC373, or approved equal. It shall have 8 normally clodes inputs respectively. These inputs/zones shall be programmable individually to normally open or change of state (volt free or voltage) via the serial port provided. The NC373 shall transmit numeric messages 1-8 to numeric or alpha-numeric pocket pagers. The messages shall be programmable via the same serial port provided to allow for text messages. The transmitter shall also provide tamper inputs, Programmable Trigger time outputs, (1.3 seconds) and an open collector output.

The NC373 shall transmit messages, via radio UHF of 457.525 MHz, to the Alpha Communications® model NC395 series pocket pagers, at a baud rate of 1200.

Alpha Communications®'s on-site UHF paging system shall have a transmitting range of up to one mile (depending on results of site survey).

NC373 On-Site UHF Paging System--8 Zones

The NC373 is an 8-zone on-site UHF radio paging transmitter. They will accept inputs from 8, normally closed contacts, respectively and transmit numerical messages to numeric or alpha-numeric pocket pagers. The NC373 is also equipped with a serial input that will allow the messages to be custom programmed and allow for the inputs to be changed from normally closed to normally open or change of state (volt free or voltage 5-15 volts max.). The inputs can be individually programmed so that it's state can have an effect on the other zones. The trigger time for each zone may also be changed via programming (1.3 seconds min.). All of the above programming can be done for an additional charge by ordering model number NC373CM. Qualified customers can opt to program the NC373 from any computing device that can be placed into a terminal mode, using software and hardware provided by Alpha Communications®. 

Each NC373 also offers tamper inputs, monitored battery backup inputs, and an open programmable open collector output to trigger a local signaling device (1amp max.).

The range of the system will largely depend on the site and location of the base unit. The base is supplied with a 1/4 wave BNC terminated, antenna. To determine the exact range of the transmitters, a site survey must be done, contact Alpha Communications® for details. For estimation purposes of a properly located NC373, a range of up to one mile can be expected. See the instruction manual for additional details. Other antennas and signal amplification options are available to increase range, contact Alpha Communications®. Battery back-up also available.

  • Individual Zone States (Normally Closed standard, programmable to N.O. or Volt-free/Voltage 5-15 volts max.)
  • Programmable Trigger time on each output (1.3 seconds min.)
  • Pager Identity for each zone and state
  • System covers a radius of up to one mile (site survey must be done to verify range)
  • Supports 9999 individual pagers
  • Supports numeric or alphanumeric pagers
  • Monitored Battery Backup Input
  • Local output for signaling device
Dimensions: Height: 11.88" (309mm) (antenna protrudes 6.25") (159mm) Width: 7.25" (183mm) Depth: 3.25" (84mm)
Electrocomponents mounted on PCB enclosed in an ABS plastic housing
Plug-in connections
Surface mounted
Operating Frequency:
450 MHz - 470 MHz
RF Power output:
Operating Voltage:
10-13.8 VDC, Input Voltage 115 VAC
Current Consumption:
50mA standby, 300 mA transmit (300mW)
Transmit baud Rate:
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