Product Specification Sheet APS165

Rev. 07/2013

NC303 Master Nurse-Call Station (NC300/HC345 Series)


Console Dimensions: 9.00"w (229mm) x 7.00d (178mm) x 3.00"h (77mm) (less coiled cord)
Zone Capacity:  8 zones, 64 stations max per zone
Group Call: 
Up to 32 stations
Call Priorities: 
CODE -- FIRE -- EMERGENCY -- MONITOR (med. cab., exit, etc) -- BATH -- CORD OUT -- PRIORITY -- STAFF -- DUTY -- PERSON

  • UL 1069 Listed - 4th Edition Standards
  • Fully supervised
  • Spill-proof membrane switch
  • Alpha/Numeric characters
  • Easy access to commonly used menu functions
  • Integral handset
  • Electrostatic microphone
  • Utilized microprocessor technology
  • Clear, distinct voice communication
  • Simple, menu-driven programmable functions
  • Master-to-master intercom capability
  • Single-button or handset intercom
  • Calls displayed by origination and priority
  • Calls identified by room and bed number
  • Programmable patient priority and privacy
  • Calls-waiting indication
  • Calls-overtime indication (programmable)
  • View station configuration capability
  • Initiate "STAT" staff emergency request
  • Transfer capability between primary and secondary masters
  • Cord-out indication
  • Upgrade patient call
  • Separate tone signals for high, medium, and low priority calls
  • Twelve call-priority levels
  • Nurse-follower
  • Paging by zone or to staff
  • Overhead paging interface
  • Patient monitor single, group, or by zone
  • Automatic and manual tone-silencing switch (for routine calls only)
  • Tone override for code calls
  • Simplified multiplex wiring using plug-in type connectors
  • Locate and dispatch nurse/aide location and nurse/ aide needed.
  • Continuous display of nurse/aide location and nurse/aide needed.
  • Simultaneous display of 16 patient calls
  • Keypad for initiating calls
  • Reset presence station

NC303 Master Station

The Alpha Communications® / TekTone NC303 Master Station utilizes microprocessor technology to control all the communications and programming functions provided by the NC300 Nurse Call System. Up to four (4) primary master stations and four (4) secondary master stations may be connected to a floor system. Each master may monitor any of eight (8) zones. Zoning may be changed as needed. Two-way communication with patients and staff is established. Two-way communication with patients and staff is established via the speaker and electrostatic microphone or handset for additional privacy. Up to sixteen patient calls are indicated on a video monitor (NC313 with NC314B) by priority and time of origination. Additional calls are retained in memory and may be reviewed at any time. Patient call information includes room and bed number and one of 12 call priority levels. Calls may be answered automatically or selectively. Room numbers where aide and nurse presence is registered, where STAT assistance is required, and a call window indicating the currently-selected call are also displayed.

Master station function buttons are provided to select the system functions as follows:

RESET (black) Terminates most operations. 
AIDE (yellow)
Enters an aide service request.
NURSE (green)
Enters a nurse service request.
STAT (red)
Enters an urgent staff emergency request.
MENU (blue)
Displays function menu for programming additional features.
PAGE (gray) 
Initiates paging operations.
FOLLOW (orange)
Initiates nurse-follower operations.
TALK (white) 
Press while speaking, release to listen when using loudspeaker for communications
ALPHA (white) 
Changes all function keys to the specifically labeled Alpha-characters.
MONITOR (blue) 
Activates "Monitor Menu" allowing for entry to be monitored.
CAPTURE (blue) 
Allows capture of preassigned zones from another master (not implemented as of the printing of this spec sheet).
VIEW (blue)
Displays room numbering, station configurations, and addresses.
PRIORITY (blue) 
Activates menu for changing room priority
TONE ON (white)
Turns normal call-tone on/off.

Additional programmable functions include set station priority, set privacy, zone assignment, view station configurations, set or reset code call stations, set password, reset time of day, time display, set overtime, transfer for master stations, paging, system configuration, and system re-initialization.

The control station is also equipped with volume control for adjustment of incoming voice communication; tone switch for controlling the lowest priority tone signal only; beep switch for controlling the short tone signal heard when the keypad is in use; call light with indication of low, medium and high priority calls; CPE fault light; busy and alpha/numeric keypad used for entry of station numbers, zone and station selection, and for selection of menu functions.

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
Master station shall be Alpha Communications®/TekTone NC303 or approved equal. The master station and wiring from the master station to the system central processing equipment (CPE) shall be fully supervised. Model NC303 shall include the signaling circuits necessary to receive and answer calls from all patient, staff, and duty stations; and receive calls from code and emergency stations on the NC300 System. The master station shall provide for handset or loudspeaker communication with patients and staff. 

Function buttons with (and without) LED's shall be provided to initiate reset operation, staff emergency request, nurse/aide request, paging operations, and nurse-follower operations. Additional buttons for menu-driven programmable functions include: talk, monitor, capture, privacy, view system configuration, and room priority programming.

Incoming calls shall be displayed by room numbers in plain English on a 15" video monitor (Alpha Communications® NC313 with NC314B) displayed in order of time of origination, and in accordance with established priority.

The station shall be equipped with an integral handset, volume control, color-keyed function switches (with and without LED's), audible signal control switches, call LED, busy LED, 2.50" speaker, electrostatic microphone, C.P.E. fault LED;LED; and 12-button digital keypad for entry of station numbers, zone and station assignments, and for selection of menu functions.  All buttons shall also switch to Alpha-character operation by depressing the switch marked "ALPHA", Alpha-character operation shall allow for Alpha-numeric room numbering and subsequent calling of rooms so designated. All switches shall be of spill-proof membrane switch design.

Each master station shall be able to address up to 256 single or dual stations per system, and up to 8 individual zones with 64 stations maximum per zone. The NC300 System shall support up to 4 primary master and 4 secondary master stations per system.

Station housing shall be high-impact, flame retardant, ABS-type plastic. Station shall be desk mounted. 

NC300 Systems shall meet all Veterans Administration specifications when used with additional Alpha Communications® equipment to be specified by Alpha Communications®.

The NC303 shall be UL® 1069 listed to the latest 4th Edition Standards.

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