Product Specification Sheet APS159

Rev. 07/2013

SF202B Apartment Intruder Alarm Station (SPECIAL-ORDER)

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
Power Input:
16 VAC or 12 VDC
Current Required:
Detection Loops:
DOOR - closed circuit; WINDOW - closed Circuit; EMERGENCY - open circuit
Loop Resistance:
1000 ohms maximum each loop
Delay Times:
EXIT - 35 seconds approximately; ENTRANCE - 25 seconds approximately; ALARM CUT-OFF - 5 minutes (intrusion only)
Alarm Outputs: 
INTRUSION - interrupted; EMERGENCY - steady Visual
READY - green LED. Loops secure when illuminated. ON - red LED. Unit armed when illuminated. Intrusion alarm reminder when flashing.
KEYPAD - for entering commands; IN/OUT - for selecting delayed or instant mode.
Single gang electrical box or ring.
SF202B Intruder Alarm Station

The Alpha Communications® / TekTone SF202B is a self-contained alarm unit suitable for single or multi-family residential buildings. It provides for connection of selection devices to signal intrusion through doors or windows or to signal fire, smoke, medical or other emergency conditions.

Intruder Alarm: The intruder alarm is armed by pressing a single button on the unit and selecting either the IN or OUT mode. As an aid to prevent false alarms, the unit cannot be armed unless the protected door and windows are closed.

In the IN mode, the unit is ready for instant operation when armed. In the OUT mode a 40-second delay permits exiting. When returning, a 25-second delay allows the occupant time to disarm the unit, during which time a pre-alarm is heard as a reminder.

The unit is disarmed by entering a private four-digit code on the keypad. If unit is not disarmed a loud pulsating tone will be heard on the premises and may be transmitted to external alarm signaling devices. The alarm will continue for five minutes, unless disarmed, and then will stop. A flashing light on the unit will continue to signal that an intrusion occurred.

Panic Alarm: The panic alarm is operated by pressing buttons 2/ 7 and 4/9 on the unit simultaneously or by pressing any panic buttons that may be transmitted to external devices if connected. The panic alarm will continue until reset by entering the four digit disarm code.

External Alarm: An output is provided to operate annunciator panels and similar devices. External reset is provided to permit service or to permit connecting two units in the same residence for greater convenience and security.

For complete security, battery backup may be provided to retain alarm status and to provide alarm service during and after a power interruption.

  • Private 4-Digit Security Code
  • 3 Detection Loops (Door, Window and Emergency)
  • In/Out Switch for Instant or Time-Delayed Operation
  • Low-Voltage Operation (16 VAC or 12 VDC)
  • Standard Single-Gang Mounting (for new construction)
  • Pre-Alarm Tone Signal
  • Visual Status Indication with Alarm Reminder
  • 2 Alarm Tones - Steady and Interrupted
  • Instant Panic Alarm
  • 100% Solid State Electronics
  • Cannot be Armed with Door or Window Open
  • 5-Minute Shut-Off Timer for Intrusion Alarm
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