Product Specification Sheet APS143

Rev. 07/2013

IR086S 6-Wire Replacement Apartment Station

Architects' and Engineers' Specifications
Suite station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone IR086S, or approved equal, and shall be designed to directly replace the existing model 3311 type station(s). Momentary action push buttons shall be provided for TALK, LISTEN, and DOOR operations. The speaker/microphone shall be a 3.50", high sensitivity type with voice-frequency response. 

Pigtail or plug-in terminal connections shall be provided. Station(s) shall be supplied less mounting screws.

Contractor shall utilize the existing 3311 back box and connector (if electrically and mechanically sound).

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

IR086S 6-Wire Apartment Intercom Station
The Alpha Communications® / TekTone IR086S apartment station is designed specifically for replacement of 3311 type apartment intercom station use and is designed to fit directly over the existing 3311 series flush or surface back box.

The caller, by pressing the appropriate button on the entrance panel, causes an electronic call tone to be heard in the panel, causes an electronic call tone to be heard in the apartment station. The tenant responds by pushing the TALK button while speaking to the caller, the LISTEN button while waiting for a reply, and the DOOR button to allow entry to the building (if desired).

The IR086S station features a plug-edge PC board that allows the installer to plug-in the existing 3311 wiring harness/connector. If there is no connector, or if it is bad, the installer can connect the IR086S by using the 6 pigtail wires provided as well.

  • Simple push button operation
  • Automatic Privacy
  • Easy Installation (plug-in or pigtail wires)
  • Attractive Steel Faceplate with White Vinyl Coat Finish

Dimensions: Height: 6.88" (175mm) x Width: 6.13" (155mm)
Steel faceplate with white vinyl coat
Multi-pole push buttons with self wiping, plated contacts. Identified for TALK, LISTEN, and DOOR functions.
3.50" (89 mm) with voice response. Also used for electrical tone signal.
Mounting holes are provided 5.50" (on center, top to bottom) to line up with existing 3311 type flush or surface back box. Supplied less mounting screws.

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