Product Specification Sheet APS138

Rev. 07/2013

IR102C 2-Button Plastic Apartment Station

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' and Engineers' Specifications

Apartment suite station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone model IR102C equipped with momentary action push-buttons for TALK/LISTEN, and DOOR operation. There shall be only one button for the TALK and LISTEN functions. Each push button shall have English and Universal Graphic Symbol imprinting. The speaker/ microphone shall be a 3.5" high-sensitivity type with voice-frequency response. The station(s) shall be molded of high impact ABS plastic and have screw terminal connections. Wiring required shall be only four (4) common and one (1) selective wires. Each station shall have built-in circuitry for "No-Fault" door opener operation. Station shall mount on an IH102 (flush mounting ring) or IH101 (flush mounting box) or IH700W (surface mounting box) or IH400A (desk cabinet).

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

IR102C Apt. Station One Talk/Listen Button
The Alpha Communications® / TekTone IR102C Apartment Station combines modern styling with ease of operation to provide natural, clear voice communication and positive door release operation.The tenant depresses one button to Talk and releases the same button to Listen. This eliminates the necessity of pressing separate buttons for TALK and LISTEN operations.

The station automatically shuts off a few seconds after conversation is completed or as soon as the door button is pressed. A built-in 'No-Fault' door opener circuit offers two (2) advantages; the DOOR button cannot be activated, until the TALK circuit is activated and if a tenant tries to constantly activate the DOOR circuit, the system will shut it off and still allow the rest of the stations to function properly. 

The IR102C is not a voice/noise activated intercom station and does not require a complex and costly amplifier.

  • One TALK/LISTEN Button
  • Eliminates two-button talk/listen operation
  • Uses standard IA543 or PK543A amplifier power pack
  • Provides positive voice identification through trouble-free system
  • English words and International Graphic Symbols
Height: 7.00" (178mm); Width: 5.00" (127mm); Depth: 1.50" (38mm) into wall; Projects: 0.63" (17mm) from mounting surface
Durable, high-impact ABS plastic, flame retardant, fog white ABS plastic.
Two (2) individually replaced push buttons with self-wiping contacts. Identified (with word and symbol) for TALK, and DOOR.
3.50" (89mm) with voice response. Also used for electronic tone signal.
Positive screw terminals for four (4) common and one (1) selective wires, #22AWG.
IH102 (flush mounting ring) or IH101 (flush mounting box) or IH700W (surface mounting box) or IH400A (desk cabinet).
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