Product Specification Sheet APS136

Rev. 07/2013

NC255 Master Station Expander for NC306 (NC300II Series)

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
NC255 Expander
Required Components
  • NC250/NC306 Master Station(s)
  • NC260B Central Equipment (basic) plus any required expanders
  • Provides additional selector switches to an NC250/NC306
  • Supervision
  • Adds 50 Individual call LED's for each room
  • Microcontroller technology
  • Spill-proof membrane switch
NC255: 50 Station (add-on) Master Expander
The NC255 (50 station expander) utilizes microcontroller technology to provide additional selector points to the NC250 or NC306 Nurse Master Station. The master station expander and wiring from the master to master station expander is supervised.

The NC255 provides circuits necessary to connect with an NC250 or NC306 Master Station to receive and answer calls from all patient, staff, and duty stations; and receive calls from code and emergency stations on the NC205 or NC300II Nurse Call System. Fifty (50) selector switches are provided to allow for room selection and LED annunciation.

8.50" x 8.50" x 3.50" (216mm x 216mm x 89mm) (desk mount)
Architects' and Engineers' Specifications
The nurse call master station expander(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone NC255 (50 station), or approved equal. The master station expander(s) and wiring from the master station expander(s) shall be supervised.

The NC255 shall include the circuits necessary to connect with an NC250 or NC306 Nurse Master Station to receive and answer calls from all patient, staff, and duty stations; and receive calls from code and emergency stations on the NC205 or NC300II Nurse Call System. Fifty (50) selector switches shall be provided for room selection and LED annunciation.

Master station expander selector switches shall be of spill-proof membrane switch design. Each master station expander shall be able to provide the NC250 or NC306 with an additional 50 call address points.

Master station expander housing shall be of high-impact, flame retardant type ABS plastic and shall be desk mounted, but can be converted to surface wall mounting if required.

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