Product Specification Sheet APS135

Rev. 07/2013

NC255 / NC250 Master Stations (NC205 Series)

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
NC250 Master Station (50 Unit)
NC255 Master Station (50 Unit)
Architects' and Engineers' Specifications
The nurse call--system--master station shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone NC250 (50 station), or approved equal, and shall have digitized audio to the central equipment. The digitized audio shall enable interference free transmission of audio for distances up to 2000' from master to central equipment. The master station shall have a frequency response from 200 - 4500 hertz. The master station, and wiring from the master station to the system central equipment, shall be supervised.

Model NC250 shall include the signaling circuits necessary to receive and answer calls from all patient, staff, and duty stations; and receive calls from code and emergency stations on the NC205 System. The master station shall provide for handset or loudspeaker communication. Function buttons with LED's shall be provided to initiate reset operations, paging operations, zone operations, nurse request and follower, priority selection, and privacy operations. Additional buttons shall be provided for talk and room selection with LED indicators. Page Inhibit, Privacy, Priority, Master-to-Master Communications, and Zoning shall be master programmable.

Incoming calls shall be displayed using individual 50 LED indicators, priority level LED indicator and tone shall annunciate the highest priority call placed.

The master station(s)shall be equipped with an integral handset, volume control, color-keyed function switches with LED's audible signal control switches with 50 LED's, Power LED, Fault LED, Priority LED's, 2.5" speaker, and electrostatic microphone. All switches shall be of spill-proof membrane switch design. 

Each master station shall be able to address up to 50 stations expandable to 128 stations using NC255 Master Station Expander(s). Each master station shall be able to assign any or all stations to any one of eight (8) zones. The master station housing shall be of high impact, flame retardant type ABS type plastic; and shall be desk mounted

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