Product Specification Sheet APS122

Rev. 07/2013

NC260B Central Equipment for NC205 Series System

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
NC260B Central Equipment
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The central equipment shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone NC260B, or approved equal, and shall be supervised (trouble indications shall be annunciated at the designated NC250 Nurse Master Station.) The NC260B shall provide all of the micro-controller technology necessary to operate all NC205 Nurse Call System functions. It shall interface with up to four (4) NC250 Masters, up to 64 station point connections (with two PM261A - 32 station selector modules installed), and all other emergency and presence stations associated with the NC205 Nurse Call system. The NC260B shall also provide the necessary hardware to connect to the NC262A Central Equipment Expander(s) to allow the system to expand to a maximum of 128 stations. Connections shall also be available to allow the (optional) battery backup (model BA002K).

The central equipment shall include one central processing module and connection points for two (2) PM261A Selector Modules for connection to patient/staff/duty stations, emergency switches, and dome lights. A power supply to operate all internal circuits, nurse master stations, patient/staff/duty stations, emergency switches, and dome lights shall be included.

The central equipment shall be housed in a metal case with provisions for plug-in field wiring directly to circuit boards.

The NC260B shall be U.L. Listed 1069 to the latest 4th edition standards. Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical codes.

NC260B Central Equipment for NC205 Series System

The NC260B Central Equipment uses micro-controller technology to run all NC205 Nurse Call System firmware and hardware, providing for audible and visual signaling, as well as other features and functions provided by the nurse call system.

In addition to the housing and Central Processing Module, the central equipment also includes a power supply, thus keeping all central equipment within one contained area. The NC260B is capable of supporting a maximum of 64 stations (expandable to 128 stations when using NC262A Central Equipment Expander and PM261A Selector Modules) including patient/staff/duty stations, emergency switches, and dome lights. Four (4) NC250 Master Stations (in any combination) can also be connected to the central equipment, each being capable of individual expansion (when used in conjunction with NC255 Master Station Expanders) to accommodate additional patient stations.

The central unit is compact and may be located up to 250' away from the master station console in a minimal amount of space.

  • Supervised
  • Design uses Motorola's 68HC11 Microcontroller
  • User programmable
  • Self-contained electronics and power supply
  • Simple plug-in wiring connections for master and field wiring
  • Supports up to four (4) master stations
  • Modular construction - easily expandable
  • Serial communications
  • 64 addresses when using two PM261A Selector Modules (expandable to 128 with central equipment expanders and PM261A modules)
18.5" (470 mm) H x 15.5" (394 mm) W x 4.50" (115 mm) D
64 stations (exp. to 250); up to 4 masters
Power Input:
115V, 60Hz, 225W.
Power Rating:
24 VDC, 4.8 amps max.
0C - 50C, 0-80% relative humidity.
Plug-in connectors 
System Supervision:
Constant interrogation of all supervised stations. Supervised station or wiring faults displayed at master station. System
All outputs are protected with self-resetting current limiting devices.
Four (4) audio paths provided. Amplifiers rated at 20 watts with overload and short circuit protection.
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