Product Specification Sheet APS110

Rev. 07/2013

LI384A Supervised 4-Bulb Sectional Corridor Light

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
Supervised corridor light shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone model LI384A or approved equivalent. The supervised corridor lamp shall be sectional in design. Lamps shall include a YELLOW, RED and GREEN flame retardant polycarbonate translucent plastic lens, and a WHITE flame retardant polycarbonate translucent plastic lens. All lenses shall be mounted on a FOG-WHITE flame retardant ABS plastic base panel. The lenses shall be individually removable without the use of tools for ease of bulb replacement. The four (4) bulbs in conjunction with the different colored lenses shall provide for indication of patient call priority and staff presence.

The LI384A shall provide reliable solid state circuitry mounted to the base panel for supervision of bulbs. Wiring to LI384A shall be plug-in type.

LI384A shall be U.L. 1069 listed to the latest 4th Edition standards. Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

LI384A Supervised Sectional Corridor Lamp
The Alpha Communications® / TekTone LI384A supervised sectional corridor light shall provide visual indications of calls originating from patient, staff, duty, bath, emergency, presence, and code call stations. Patient priority and staff presence are indicated by RED, GREEN, YELLOW, and WHITE colored sections. When used with any room station or IR310E Staff Station, the LI384A will indicate all calls originated from that room. When used with the IR300E Multi-Purpose Station or the IR315F Duty Station, the LI384A may be used as a zone light to indicate all calls from the zones to which those stations are assigned.

The LI384A includes the necessary solid state circuitry for supervision of the bulbs. Should a bulb burn out, an alarm condition is indicated at the NC300 System CPE. This circuit board is mounted to the base panel allowing for plugin connections

  • Plug-in connections
  • Easy bulb replacement - No Tools Required
  • Snap in colored lens sections
  • Excellent visibility
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Fully supervised (ideal for CODE BLUE locations)
  • Ideal for ward or other multi-station supervised applications
Dome Light Specifications
Height: 4.56" (115mm) (overall) Width: 4.56" (115mm) Depth: 3.00" (75mm) from finished wall surface
#1829 28v. 70mA (model LI028)
Power Requirement:
24VDC, 51mA (per bulb)
Base: FOG WHITE flame retardant ABS plastic Lenses: Flame retardant translucent polycarbonate plastic (YELLOW, RED, GREEN and WHITE)
Steel City #H2BD box with Steel City #2GC plaster ring, or Alpha Communications® Model #IH356 box with IH355 ring, or EXACT EQUAL.
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