Product Specification Sheet APS1078

Rev. 10/2018

EPGB2/DSS Digital Video Door Panel for GB2 System

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The GB2 series digital-dial video door panel(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / Golmar EPGB2/DSS, or approved equal. The EPGB2/DSS shall be installed inside the Nexa series door panels on a GB2 series system.

The EPGB2/DSS shall include the 104° wide angle color camera, speaker/microphone, white LEDs for low light conditions, adjustable voice volume control, 12VDC door release output and N/O relay for other door release voltages and types. The EPGB2/DSS shall also include EL3422/GB2 display module, NX3401/GB2 navigation module and NX3301/GB2 digital-dial numeric keypad module. Included with the EPGB2/DAS is the corresponding panel frame and N874/AL surface housing(s), as well as a built-in prox. reader.

The EPGB2/DSS shall be ADA compliant and shall have visual signals to assist hearing-impaired individuals and voices message to assist visually-impaired individuals (in 5 languages), which can be disabled if desired.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

EPGB2/DSS Digital Video Door Panel for GB2 System

The Alpha Communications® EPGB2/DSS Door Panel Video Module is used exclusively with the GB2 series systems. The EPGB2/DSS is designed using the Nexa series St. Steel door panels and modules.

The EPGB2/DSS has a 104° wide angle color camera, for a panoramic view, with white LEDs for low light conditions. The module is ADA compliant, with voice prompts and backlit symbols to assist hearing-impaired individuals.

Each EPGB2/DSS comes with the EL632/GB2B camera/speaker/microphone module, NX3002 and EL3422/GB2 display module, NX3401/GB2 navigation module and NX3301/GB2 digital-dial numeric keypad module. Included with the EPGB2/DSS is the corresponding panel frame and surface housing with built-in rainhood, as well as a built-in prox. reader.

  • BUS-out connection, 2 wires without polarity
  • 2 independent relays build-in (i.e. for Door and Gate)
  • 12VDC output to connect to the door strike or built-in N/O relay
  • Uses simple 2-conductor non-polarized (loop) wiring
  • Prox reader module built-in (requires additional components for use)
  • Communication volume levels adjustable
  • Voice messages for visually-impaired individuals available in 5 different languages
  • ADA Visual signals on the front to notify panel status for hearing-impaired individuals
  • Wide angle (104°) color camera with white LEDs for night vision
  • Camera resolution is 520TVL (640 x 480, 0.3 Mp)
  • Automatic Intensity Controlled LED activation in low light conditions
  • Weather-resistant when used with the Nexa St. Steel (inox) panels
  • Comes with NX874 surface housing with built-in rainhood

O.D. Height: 9.22" (235mm) Width: 10.18" (259mm) Depth: 3.50" (89mm)

GB2 Wiring Information
The GB2's system uses simple 2-conductor non-polarized wiring making it ideal for new installations as well as for retrofit applications. All audio, video and data functions are fully digital and using the RAP-2150 (or equivalent) cable you can run up to 300 meters from the entrance panel to the furthest monitor.
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