Product Specification Sheet APS1067

Rev. 08/2017

WSM555-2 Wireless Support Module (AEC200 Series)

  • Reliable 900MHz frequency operation
  • 3V Lithium battery included
Required Components

  • AlphaEcall™ 200 (AEC200) Series Wireless Emergency Call System
  • WES555 Emergency Pull/Push Station
  • WES556 Code Call (Code Blue) Station
  • SF113 'Check-In' Station

WSM555-2 Wireless Support Module

The Alpha Communications® WSM555-2 Wireless Support Module is for use with the AlphaEcall™ 200 (AEC200) Series Wireless Emergency Call System. When the WSM555-2 is connected to the WES555 Emergency Station or the WES556 Code Call Station, the WSM555-2 operates as a wireless device in the AlphaEcall™ 200 (AEC200) system. When properly installed, the WSM555-2 / WES555 assembly may be located in a bedroom, bathroom or other area that will not be exposed to water (stainless steel and other metal fixtures may interfere with signal transmission).

The WSM555-2 is based on EchoStream® spread spectrum technology and transmits signals at the 900 MHz frequency. It includes a universal transmitter and a pre-assembled 6-pin wiring harness for connection to the WES555 (or WES556) Emergency Station, as well as two (2) pigtail wires to connect to the model# SF113 (or equivalent) 'Check-In' station. The WSM555-2 requires no other wiring connections and is powered by a user-replaceable 3V lithium battery.

For surface mount applications, the WSM555-2 and WES555 (or WES556) assembly can be mounted inside the optional model IHS527 surface plastic housing. The SF113 (or equivalent) 'Check-In' station is mounted separately into a single-gang electrical box or plaster ring.


Height: 3.60" (92mm)
Width: 1.70" (44mm)
Depth: 0.96" (25mm)

Construction: Attractive, flame retardant ABS plastic
Connections: Plug-in harness and two (2) pigtail connectors
Battery Life: 4-5 Years (Typical)
Housing: Plastic single-gang (2.65" deep) surface box model# IHS527
Battery: 3V Lithium (replacement model# BA505)
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The Wireless Support Module(s) shall be Alpha Communications® WSM555-2 or approved equal. When the WSM555-2 is connected to the WES555 Emergency Station or the WES556 Code Call (Code Blue) Station, the WES555 shall operate as a wireless device when used with the AlphaEcall 200 (AEC200) Series Emergency Call System. The WSM555-2 shall use the 900 MHz frequency for signal transmission. The WSM555-2 shall include a 6-pin wiring harness for connection to the WES555 Emergency Station, as well as two (2) pigtails wires to connect to the SF113 (or equivalent) 'Check'In' station. The WSM555-2 shall require no other wiring connections and shall be powered by a 3V lithium battery.

Alpha Communications® has designed the AlphaEcall™ 200 (AEC200) Series to work as a fully integrated system. Its AEC200DM Master Station has been carefully designed and matched to work with AlphaEcall™ AEC200 wireless and wired peripherals. Alpha Communications® will not warrant or support components of AlphaEcall™ AEC200 that are purchased separately unless the components are add-ons to previously sold systems. Alpha Communications® will also not warrant or support a system that is a mix of Alpha Communications® and Non-Alpha Communications® parts, unless prior written permission has been obtained. In order to track our systems and to inform facilities of software upgrades, full site information (site name, address and phone number) will be required when ordering. Site information and AEC200DM warranty number will also be required when requesting technical support.

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