Product Specification Sheet APS1061

Rev. 03/2017

GSMLC / CDMALC Cellular Line Controller Units


Dimensions: 5.125" W x 6.50" H x 1.25" D (166mm x 131mm x 32mm)
Mounting: Surface wall
GSMLC / CDMALC Cellular Line Controller Units

The Cellular Line Controllers from Alpha Communications® are available in the two most common cellular technologies used in North America: GSM (model# GSMLC) and CDMA (model# CDMALC).

These are the only cellular interfaces on the market that are 2010 Communication Failure Compliant.

GSM Carriers are AT&T, T-Mobile  or a prepaid SIM card (all require a SIM card for operation). CDMA carrier is Verizon and requires programming information to set-up. The end user contracts directly with a cellular provider. Both models require the model# PC-25 power supply/UPS unit.

 A 2-wire connection is required from the compatible elevator or equivalent phone to the cellular device.

Both models surface mount either remotely (standard) or in an elevator if there is a strong signal (requires additional equipment). GSM model requires a 15mm x 25mm SIM card. Requires a "voice only" plan (no data or voicemail required). Both models include the GPS and cellular antennas. 

When the separate elevator (or equivalent) phone detects either a power loss or loss of cellular dial-tone an alarm relay is activated, that connects to a separate emergency notification circuit, supplied by the customer, or optionally by us. 

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