Product Specification Sheet APS1044

Rev. 05/2018

BSTAR 24VDC Blue Outdoor Strobe with Cover

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The 24VDC Blue Strobe(s) shall be Alpha Communications┬«/Ring model BSTAR or approved equivalent. 

The strobe(s) shall operate on 24VDC at .5 amps and shall have an outer protective cover to protect the strobe from outdoor extremes. The strobe(s) shall be made of a rugged die-cast anodized spun Aluminum case, and the base shall be threaded for 1/2" pipe mounting.

The strobe(s) shall provide a 360 degree horizontal signal and shall feature a Blue Fresnel Lens, and shall be designed to withstand vibration, dust, dirt, and cold and wet environments. The strobe(s) shall have no moving parts.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical codes.

BSTAR 24VDC Blue Outdoor Strobe with Cover

The BSTAR strobes from Alpha Communications┬« are made for maximum brilliance in a variety of applications. Computer designed optics help penetrate rain, fog, smog and snow with the finest optics available. They provide an evenly distributed 360 degree flash that fills the fresnel lens with a full wide oversquare column of light. Maintenance needs are rare, but when necessary, it's easy. All modular design components and encapsulated circuitry make for quick repairs and down-time.

Rugged construction with solid state design (and no moving parts) provides long term dependable performance in extreme temperature and conditions with no change in intensity or frequency, yet with exceptionally low power usage.

 The BSTAR strobes withstand vibration and impact, and resist dust, dirt, cold and wet environments. The BSTAR strobes are reverse-polarity protected and will not operate if the leads are improperly connected. They are easy to install on level or angled surfaces.

  • Rugged die-cast anodized spun Aluminum case
  • Base threaded for 1/2" pipe mount
  • Includes knockouts for permanent mounting
  • Outer dome for added protection and easy cleaning
  • Simple to Install
  • Weather-Resistant for Outdoor Use

7.00"H x 6.00"W (DIAMETER)
(178mm x 153mm)

Stobe Color:
Operating Voltage:
24VDC (reverse polarity protected)
Operating Current:
.5 amps
Lens Stype:
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