Product Specification Sheet APS1039

Rev. 12/2016

WSK500 Portable Site Survey Kit (AlphaEcall 200 Series)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The Site Survey Kit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® WSK500 or approved equal. The WSK500 shall measure transmitter signal strength and signal margin (dBm above background noise of received signals). The site survey kit shall be able to determine if the performance of the transmitters to be installed, and if necessary, the amount and location(s) of WRL511 wireless repeater/locators. The site survey kit shall be portable and easy to use.

Alpha Communications® has designed the AlphaEcall 200 series and AlphaEntry (v5.5 or later) to work as a system. The Master Stations have been carefully designed and matched to work with these wireless and wired peripherals. Alpha Communications® will not warrant or support components for these systems that are purchased separately unless the components are add-ons to previously sold systems. Alpha Communications® will also not warrant or support a system that is a mix of Alpha Communications® and Non-Alpha Communications® parts, unless prior written permission has been obtained. In order to track our systems and to inform facilities of software upgrades, full site information (site name, address and phone number) will be required when ordering. Site information and WNC510 warranty number will also be required when requesting technical support.
WSK500 Portable Site Survey Kit (AlphaEcall 200 Series)

The Alpha Communications® WSK500 is a portable, easy-to-use site survey kit that takes the guesswork out of creating a wireless installation plan with a quick and accurate site survey. The WSK500 is used to determine the optimum location for transmitters and repeaters in an AlphaEcall (200 series) or AlphaEntry (v5.5 or later) series Wireless Emergency Call System. The WSK500 demonstrates the superior range, performance and reliability in virtually any environment. The WSK500 is powered by a rechargeable battery and is complete portable.

The WSK500 can be purchased or can be rented, typically for a 2-week period. 


  • Survey any facility quickly and easily
  • Completely portable
  • Rechargeable battery operates up to 6 hours
  • Demonstrates the range of EchoStream® transmitters
Transformer: Powers the battery charger when plugged in. The Survey Kit can be operated by 110VAC or by self-contained battery. 
Programmer: Programs the transmitters, diagnoses receivers, and determines signal margin.
Instructions: A step-by-step detailed guide through the survey process
Continuous Alarm Trigger: Turns site survey into a one-person job 
Universal Contact Transmitter: Activated by the Continuous Alarm Trigger, the Universal Transmitter sends a near-continuous stream of signals to the receiver.
Receiver: Processes radio signals from transmitters and displays status.
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