Product Specification Sheet APS1022

Rev. 12/2016

TSM100T Tone Speaker Module (AlphaLinQ™ 100 Series)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The nurse-call Tone Speaker Module(s) shall be Alpha Communications® TSM100T AlphaLinQ™ or approved equal. Tone Speaker Module(s) shall snap into the corresponding MT series modular panel frame(s). 

TSM100T Tone Speaker Module(s) shall be finished in Titanium and shall feature a momentary Tone-Off pushbutton and Tone-Off LED.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

TSM100T Tone Speaker Module (AlphaLinQ™ 100 Series)

The TSM100T Tone Speaker Modules are designed to be used with Alpha Communications® AlphalinQ™ 100 series nurse-call system Master Stations.

The TSM100T mounts into the 'MT' series modular frame and provides the tone signaling when a call is placed on the AlphalinQ™ 100 series nurse-call system. A Tone-Off Button and Tone-Off LED are also provided on the TSM100T.

All TSM100T tone speaker modules are 3.94"w x 3.94"h (100mm x 100mm), and are made to snap into the MT series modular panel trim frame(s). The TSM100T modules are used in conjunction with the ELM116 (16-LED) modules and the associated housing(s) to provide a complete visual nurse-call master station.

To service the TSM100T modules, once installed, use the model 13510 key / tool unit 

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