Product Specification Sheet APS1009

Rev. 02/2017

CSD502 Central Station Dialer/Adapter

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The system Central Station Dialer/Adapter shall be Alpha Communications® CSD502, or approved equal. The CSD502 shall receive alarm messages from calling system's central equipment or computer via an RS-232 connection and shall then transmit the alarm messages over a POTS line to a Central Monitoring facility, using the Ademco ContactID protocol.

The CSD502 Central Station Dialer/Adapter shall be capable of generating all DTMF signals necessary for message transmission, as well as decoding handshake and kiss-off tones received from the Central Monitoring Station. The CSD502 shall report transmission status to the Master Station Computer over the RS-232 connection referenced above.

  • Uses Ademco ContactID Protocol
  • Generates all DTMF signals necessary for communication
  • Decodes handshake and kiss-off tones from the monitoring station
  • Connections are isolated via mechanical relay, optocoupler and telephone coupling transformer
  • Transmission over "Plain Old Telephone Service" (POTS) line
CSD502 Central Station Dialer/Adapter

The Alpha Communications® CSD502 Central Station Dialer / Adapter provides an interface between a nurse-call and/or emergency-call system and a POTS line for the purpose of sending alarm messages to a Central Station monitoring facility.

This provides for a supplementary notification, in addition to the normal system annunciation. The CSD502 Central Station Dialer/Adapter is external to the system's central equipment or computer, and has its own 12VDC power adapter (supplied). Connection to the central equipment/master computer is accomplished via a standard straight serial cable and a USB to serial adapter (supplied). A standard 6-position/2-wire telephone cable (supplied) is used to connect the unit to the telephone wall jack.

The CSD502 typically is used with the AlphaEntry™and/or AlphaECall™ 200 series systems, and can also be used with a variety of call systems, from other manufacturers. For connection to a USB port, use the model# CA-USBSERV10 conversion cable.

1.58"H x 3.92W" x 7.44"L  (41mm x 100mm x 189mm)
Housing: High-strength plastic
Connections: Keyed, plug-in type
Mechanical relay, Opto-coupler and telephone coupling transformer
Power: 12VDC, 800mA power adapter (supplied) runs on 120VAC (optional 220VAC is available)
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