Product Specification Sheet APS1005

Rev. 01/2017

AC153 3rd Priority Annunciator Control Unit (AlphaLinQ™ 100 series)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The 3rd Priority Annunciator Control Unit(s) shall be shall be Alpha Communications® AlphaLinQ™ 100 series model AC153, or approved equal. The AC153 shall provide the third level of signaling priority. The AC153 shall automatically override normal and low level emergency calls.

The AC153 shall also feature a built-in Form 'C' dry contact relay which will activate when 3rd priority system calls are placed. 

The AC153 shall be mountable right to the surface of the wall or in the optional model CEC152 U.L.® Listed junction box cabinet. The AC153 shall be UL® 1069 Listed to the latest standards.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

Required Components
  • AlphaLinQ™ 100 Annunciator unit and system components
  • AC152 Control Unit (req. SS106 Transformer)
  • CEC152 U.L.® Listed steel junction box cabinet, in a painted Beige finish. Used to house and protect the AC153 and its wiring connections.
AC153 3rd Priority Annunciator Control Unit

The Alpha Communications® AC153 3rd Priority Annunciator Control Unit is used to provide a third level of signaling priority, for applications such as fire/heat/smoke detection and/or code call capabilities with the AlphaLinQ™ 100 series visual nurse-call system, but can be used and is backwards compatible with some older systems as well.

One AC153 is required per system, in addition to the AC152 control unit(s). No additional transformer is required. The AC153 contains the electronic circuitry necessary to detect the presence of 3rd priority calls, and to generate audible and visual control signals. It provides rapidly pulsating voltages to operate visual signaling devices. 

The AC153 shall also feature a built-in Form 'C' dry contact relay which will activate when 3rd priority system calls are placed. 

The AC153 is U.L. 1069 listed, to the latest standards. 

  • U.L. Listed 1069 - to the latest standards
  • Easily Installs Right on Finished Wall Surface or in Optional Junction Box (model# CEC152)
  • Positive Screw Terminal Connectors
  • Built-in Form 'C' Dry Contact Relay to activate external devices
  • Provides 3rd level of signaling priority (non-supervised)
Height: 3.75" (96mm)
Width: 4.25" (108mm)
Depth: 2.375" (61mm) from mounting surface
Construction: Electronic components mounted on a printed circuit board and housed in a rugged plastic case
Connections: Positive Screw Terminal Connectors. Unit should be surface mounted and installed within 50 feet of master station.
Temperature: 0-50 degrees C
Typical System Components
  • CDL101LED Corridor Dome Light w/1 White LED
  • CDL102LED Corridor Zone Light w/1 White and 1 Red LED
  • VPS101 Single Visual Patient Station
  • VPS102 Double Visual Patient Station
  • VSS110 Visual Staff Station
  • EPS155 Emergency Pull/Push Station (Toilet)
  • EPS156 Emergency Pull/Push Station (Code Call / Code Blue)
  • EPS337 Emergency Pull/Push Station (Shower)
  • EPS339 Emergency Push Station (Mushroom Head)
  • VDS150 Duty Station
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