Product Specification Sheet APS099

Rev. 10/2013

IR019 / IR019B / IR019C Remote/Tone Speakers

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Model IR019 Shown

Model IR019B Shown

Model IR019C Shown

4.50" (115mm) H x 4.50" (115mm) W
Satin brushed stainless steel
Individually replaceable push button with self-wiping contacts (IR019 and IR019B only)
28 volt red light (IR019B only)
Oval, 45-ohms. 3.50" x 2.50"
Standard 2-gang electrical box
IR019 and IR019B and IR019C Remote Tone Speakers

The IR019, IR019B and IR019C remote tone speakers provide for remote tone annunciator when connected directly in parallel with an Alpha Communications® / TekTone CM800 or DS100 series annunciator and PK2019A control unit. The IR019 and IR019B tone speakers feature a momentary contact tone-off button for tone silencing. Depressing the tone-off button silences the tone at all sounding locations. When the emergency initiating device has been reset, the tone-off will automatically reset. The IR019B also includes a tone-off light which will remain illuminated while tone-silencing is enabled. The IR019C is used primarily as a remote stand-alone speaker and also with the NC300II nurse-call system in conjunction with the IR316 psychiatric call station. The IR019C is U.L. 1069 listed. 

All three models fit into a standard 2 gang electrical back box or 2 gang mounting ring.

  • UL 1069 listed, 4th Edition Standard (IR019C only)
  • Easy installation
  • Advanced design
  • Pushbutton tone-off reset (IR019 and IR019B only)
  • Reliable and rugged stainless steel faceplate
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Remote tone speaker(s) shall be Alpha Communications®/ Tektone models IR019, IR019B, IR019C or approved equal. Remote psychiatric speaker/microphone shall be Alpha Communications® model IR019C or approved equal. 

The IR019 and IR019B models shall include a 3.50" x 2.50" speaker/microphone mounted on a rugged stainless steel panel. Model IR019B shall be also include a tone-off lamp. Remote tone speakers shall provide remote tone annunciator when used in conjunction with Alpha Communications® CM800 or DS100 series annunciator and PK2019A Control Unit.

Model IR019C shall include a 3.50" x 2.50" speaker/microphone mounted on a rugged stainless steel panel. Mounting screws shall be vandal type. Psychiatric speaker/microphone stations shall provide audio communications when used in conjunction with an NC300II Nurse Call System and an IR316 Psychiatric Station.

The IR019C shall be UL 1069 listed to the latest 4th Edition Standards.

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