Product Specification Sheet APS093

Rev. 07/2013

SF337C Emergency Pull/Push Shower Station

  • UL 1069 Listed - 4th Edition Standards
  • Simple and flexible operation
  • Flame-retardant type KJB Cycolac Plastic
  • 1.5" wide, pull-down lever
  • "Call-Placed" LED indicator
  • Call cancel only at point of origin
  • Designed for use in a shower or 'moist' environment
SF337C Emergency Pull/Push Shower Station

The SF337C may be used in any location where activation of an emergency signal is required. The design is such that it may be located anywhere in a shower, bath, or tub room regardless of environmental conditions.

The combination of rubber grommetted mounting screws, rubber mounting gasket, and completely sealed front faceplate make it WATERPROOF (if properly installed). All electronic components are mounted on a circuit board, including an industryproven reliable reed switch for circuit initiation. The activating magnet is mounted on the large pull-down lever which is completely sealed.

Due to the flexibility of its design , the SF337C may be used as a PULL CORD EMERGENCY STATION, a NON-PULL CORD EMERGENCY STATION, or a STAFF ASSIST EMERGENCY CALL STATION. The pull cord supplied may be used for emergency call activation or, if so desired, the LARGE 1.5" Red pull down lever may be used for 'push' activation. 

Dome light and system annunciation vary according to manner in which the SF337C is connected, and which system it is used with.

The SF337C is typically used with the HC345C, NC110A, NC110N, NC150N, NC200N, NC205 and NC300II systems. The SF337C is designed for use in a shower or 'moist' environment.

Height: 4.50" (114mm) Width: 2.81" (72mm) Depth: 1.63" (41mm)
Projects: 0.69" (17mm) from mounting surface (including RED pull down lever)
Electronic components and reed switch, circuit board mounted
Plug-in connector
Steel City #52171 box with Steel City #52C14 plaster ring, or Alpha Communications® Model #IH358 box with IH357 ring, or EXACT EQUAL. Vertical mount
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Emergency pull/push station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone SF337C or approved equal. Operation of emergency signals shall be accomplished by a short pull on the nylon cord or by pulling/pushing down on the RED lever marked "EMERGENCY". 

The red "CALL-PLACED" L.E.D. indicator shall flash to assure the patient that the call has been placed.

The Emergency station shall be WATERPROOF if mounted according to manufacturer's instructions. If mounted correctly, the faceplate shall be sealed from the electronic components.

Switching mechanism shall consist of a reliable REED switch with a sealed MAGNET actuator.

The SF337C shall be UL 1069 listed to the latest 4th Edition standards. Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

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