Product Specification Sheet APS086

Rev. 01/2014

PM151/4 4-Lamp Replacement Door Station Module

PM151/4 Module Shown Without Lens Caps
PM151/4 Door Station Adaptor

The PM151/4 4-lamp Door Station Module is specifically designed to work with the NC150N master station(s) and is used to permit communications with remote speakers located at entrances or at any location where visual signaling is not required or desired.

Each PM151/4 will permit connection of up to 4 remote stations. Calls from remote stations are indicated by tone and by lamp annunciation. Tone calling and communication to remotes is permitted by use of the NC150N TALK and CALL buttons.

  • Modular Design
  • Protected Markings, Up to 4 digits per lamp
  • Easy Installation
  • Push-button Operation
  • Lamp and Tone Call Annunciation
Height: 0.75" (19mm)
Width: 3.50" (89mm)
Depth: 3.25" (83mm)
Projects: 0.50" (13mm) from panel module.
Push-push-type switch, one per lamp/switch circuit.
0.03 Amp per lamp
Positive screw terminals
Mounts on NC150N and/or AM100 module(s)
Lamp indication
Suitable marking by stamping or dry transfer method. Use our model RP021CM.
System Wiring Layout

NOTE: Dotted lines indicate wiring required to each remote 
station- 3 Conductor #22 twisted pair (shielded when not in conduit).

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