Product Specification Sheet APS083

Rev. 01/2014

SF301G (Single) / SF302G (Dual) Geriatric Call Cords

SF301G and SF302G Geriatric Call Cords

The Alpha Communications® SF301G and SF302G 'Geriatric' call cords are for use with various model patient stations in Alpha Communications®'s nurse call systems, including (but not limited to) the model SF100C, SF102SF380C, SF380P, IR151B, IR152B, IR251, IR252, IR255IR256, IR301C, and IR302C stations. 

The call cord plug is inserted into the receptacle located on the patient station, providing for call placement to the system master station. SF301G and SF302G call cords are specifically designed for use in geriatric and oxygen environments but may be used in general applications also.

To place a call, the patient need only apply slight pressure to the squeeze bulb using any body part. The force of air through the vinyl tubing closes a switch in the plug, thus placing a call.

An adjustable bed clip is supplied for the SF301G attached to each call cord. Two adjustable bed clips are supplied for the SF302G.

  • Sensitive touch activation
  • Oxygen tent safe
  • Ideal for geriatric use
  • Momentary, air-activated switch
  • Adjusted bed clip(s)
  • UL/ETL Listed to UL 1069 standard

Momentary contact, air activated
Stainless Steel
Vinyl Tubing
Rated current 1/3 amp, 24 VACVDC
Cord - 6' longPlug - 1.25" long; Bulb - 1.50" diameter

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The call cord(s) shall be Alpha Communications® model SF301G (or SF302G) or approved equal. Model SF301G shall include a single squeeze bulb for call origination. Model SF302G shall include two squeeze bulbs in a 'Y' configuration to a single 1/4" diameter phono plug.

The Call Cord(s) shall permit simple call origination and shall be acceptable for use in oxygen, geriatric or general applications.

The momentary contact, air operated switch shall be built into the plug and shall be activated by light pressure to the squeeze bulb. A 6' long vinyl tube shall connect the squeeze bulb to the stainless steel plug. A stainless steel bed clamp shall be permanently affixed to the call cord but shall be adjusted along the length of the cord.

The SF301G and SF302G shall be UL 1069 listed or ETL listed to UL 1069 standard.

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