Product Specification Sheet APS080

Rev. 01/2014

NC150N Audio-Visual Nurse-Call System - Desk/Wall Type

Typical 56-Zone NC150N Master & OF202 Frame
(shown without TA150N handset)
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The audio-visual nurse-call system shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone NC150N series, or approved equal. At each of the bed locations, contractor shall furnish and install a model IR151B (single) or IR152B (dual) bedside station and the required SF301/8 call-cords (or other specialty type cords as required). At each bath location, contractor shall furnish and install a model SF155B (pull/push) or SF337C (push/pull shower type) emergency-call station. At each remote location, contractor shall furnish and install a model LI381 single bulb corridor dome light. Where required, contractor shall furnish and install the necessary double bulb LI382 corridor zone light(s), and/or model IR150B staff stations and/or LI150B remote duty stations.

At each main nurse's location, contractor shall furnish and install one (1) model NC150N/XXX (XXX=number of lamp indicators must be in multiples of 4) annunciator with appropriate backbox or housing (specify flush, surface or desk mounting). Annunciator shall have indicator lights no less than 5/8" by 5/8" in size, to allow for positive room recognition, when activated. Each lamp module shall have a 'TEST' button to allow for testing of all indicator lamps on that module, as often as desired. Each NC150N master station shall have a built-in voice amplifier with internal volume controls. 

System shall be U.L. listed 1069 to the latest standards.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

NC150N Series Audio-Visual Nurse-Call System
The Alpha Communications® / TekTone NC150N series audio-visual nurse-call system is designed for health-care applications where voice communication and visual indication is required. The NC150N system can support only a single master station per system. 

When a remote station is activated, the NC150N annunciator will sound an electronic tone and will light, indicating the location of the call. The tone signal can be silenced at the master station (and/or at the optional LI150B remote duty station(s) for non-emergency calls). The individual switch/light will remain lighted until the remote station is reset at the point of origination, or when answered by voice from the master station (for remotes with voice capability only).

The NC150N master annunciator is modular and can be flush, surface or desk mounted, and is available in any size, in multiples of four (4) lights/switches. The NC150N features built-in tone signal, and tone silence button and light. 'TEST' buttons are used on each annunciator lamp module for lamp testing. A press-to-talk button enables the NC150N master to speak with any voice type remote station. Each NC150N master has a built-in amplifier with voice volume controls. An optional model TA150N handset module, can be installed onto any master station, for private voice communication, or for very noisy environments.

  • Modular (NC150N) Master Station available for any size application (in multiples of 4 lights/switches)
  • Built-in Electronic Tone Signal and Tone Silence Switch (Tone Silence Over-Ride for Emergency-Calls)
  • Wide Variety of Remote Pullcords/Push-button Stations
  • Ideal for Hospital and Nursing Home Applications - U.L. 1069 Listed
  • Optional Remote Annunciators can be provided
  • Master(s) can be Flush, Surface or Desk Mounted
Typical Components
These components are required for a typical NC150N Master Station.
  • NC150N Master Station module w/controls & amplifier
  • NC150/XX Master Station module with xx number of lamps
  • AM150/XX Lamp selector add-on module(s)--xx lamps
  • OF20X Series Aluminum Frame for NC150N Master
  • OH20X Series Flush Housing for NC150N Master 
    • or IH200 Series Surface Housing for NC150N Master
    • or IH30X Series Desk Housing for NC150N Master
  • PK152 Annunciator power control unit
  • SS106 Power transformer
  • IH151N Junction Box - Surface Mount (required for UL)
  • RP021CM Custom lens cap and lens marking
  • PK153 Third priority control unit (optional)
Optional Component: TA150N Privacy Handset Module
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