Product Specification Sheet APS053

Rev. 08/2013

VI500 V.I.P.™ Series Solid Aluminum Lobby Panels

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
VI500/012 Shown with PO500I Postal Release Option
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The entry panel unit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® VI500 V.I.P.™ series, or approved equal. Panel(s) shall be flush mount type. Panel(s) shall include the proper speaker components to match the apt. intercom stations. Panel(s) shall have separate alphabetical directory units, where required. Contractor shall provide two (2) screwdrivers (per building), to the building management (or superintendent), for future panel maintenance. Panel(s) shall have solid aluminum push-button plungers, permanently engraved, and flush mounted to the faceplate surface. A mesh speaker grille shall be provided to protect the speaker components. Panel shall be made of a single piece of 3/8" (9.5mm) thick solid extruded aluminum. Panel(s) shall have all four (4) edges bevelled at a 45 degree angle to eliminate sharp edges, and to enhance appearance. Where required, panel(s) shall have the building name or address permanently engraved at the top.

VI500 V.I.P.™ Series Solid Aluminum Lobby Panels

The Alpha Communications® VI500 V.I.P.™ series extruded aluminum (Vandal-Resistant) lobby panels are rugged, goodlooking panels for indoor or outdoor use.

Made of heavy 3/8" (9.5mm) thick solid extruded aluminum, the VI500 series is made to take abuse. VI500 panels are all custommade to your exact size and layout specifications and are designed for flush mounting. All four (4) edges are finished with a 45 degree accent bevel, to eliminate any sharp edges. Other options for the VI500 series include postal release switch (PO500I) built-in, CCD camera (CCDCAM-I), and a host of optional speaker/microphone and handset options.

All VI500 panels feature solid aluminum push-button plungers in a black anodized finish, with engraved apt. markings (right onto the face of the plungers). Where space allows, the building name/number is engraved at the top of the panel and filled with a black enamel paint. The use of Torx head screws makes it nearly impossible to tamper with the panel without the use of the special screwdriver tool.

  • Heavy 3/8" Thick Solid Extruded Aluminum Faceplate
  • Solid Aluminum Push-button Plungers, Flush to Faceplate
  • Bevelled Edges to Eliminate Sharp Edges
  • Permanent Apt. Number Engraving on Push-button Plungers
  • Rugged and Good-Looking. Vandal-Resistant
  • Wide Variety of Speaker/Microphone Components Available
  • Works with a variety of apartment intercom and videointercom entry panels
  • Tamper-Resistant Torx Head Screws Used
Depends upon individual panel configuration. Contact our Sales Dept. for more information.
Heavy 3/8" (9.5mm) thick solid extruded aluminum faceplate with bevelled edges.
Tool Required:
Torx head screwdriver tip required for panel installation/removal, included with each VI500 V.I.P.™ panel ordered.
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