Product Specification Sheet APS052

Rev. 11/2013

AM401/03C Panel Intercom Module - for Concierge Master

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The panel intercom module(s) shall be Alpha Communications® AM401/03C, or approved equal. Intercom module(s) shall be 4-wire type and shall be made of extruded aluminum in a natural anodized aluminum finish. Module shall fit into the standard OF20X series panel frame(s). The AM401/03C module(s) shall provide 'simplex' type voice communications. Module(s) shall have 3.5" (89mm) 45 ohm speaker and three (3) solid metal momentary push-buttons identified for TALK, LISTEN and DOOR release functions. Module shall act just like a standard 4-wire apt. intercom station, when used with the IA543 amplifier (and optional IA502 multi-entrance adapters). Module shall be able to communicate with one or more single-button lobby entrance remote stations.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

AM401/03C Panel Intercom Module

The Alpha Communications® AM401/03C panel modules are designed to be installed into the OF200 series panel frames. The AM401/03C modules are utilized in systems where communication is required from a concierge (or security guard) panel to one or more lobby intercom remotes. The AM401/03C is used on 'simplex' type intercom systems using the IA543 (or similar) intercom amplifier. 

The AM401/03C features an extruded aluminum module with metal louvered speaker grille and three (3) solid metal buttons marked for TALK, LISTEN and DOOR functions (in that order from left to right). 

The AM401/03C requires a separate IA543 (or equivalent) amplifier, other than the one used for the concierge to apartment intercom system. The AM401/03C wires and functions just like a 4-wire remote apartment intercom station.

  • Extruded Aluminum Panel Module
  • Solid Metal Push-buttons for TALK, LISTEN, DOOR
  • Exceptional Voice Fidelity
  • 'Simplex' Type Voice Communication
  • Works with a Variety of Lobby Intercom Remote Stations
  • Installs into Standard OF200 Series Panel Frames
4.00"W (102mm) x 15.25"H (387mm).
3.50" (89mm) 45 ohm speaker.
Solid Metal type push buttons for TALK, LISTEN and DOOR functions.
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