Product Specification Sheet APS040

Rev. 01/2014

DS100 Series Latching Annunciator

Model DS100/056 Shown
(50 Buttons) 

System Components
  • Power Supply: Model AC219 or PK2019A. One (1) required per DS100 master annunciator. Provides electronic tone signaling and form 'C' relay outputs. Requires model SS106 transformer.
  • Frame: OF20X series annunciator frame. Use OF201 for 1-gang, OF202 for 2-gang, etc., depending upon size of master annunciator.
  • Housing: OH20X series (flush) or OH30X series (surface) or IH30X series (desk). Model depends upon size of OF20X series frame used.
  • Tools Required: Model S1 Scrulox (Roberts head) screwdriver and model N553A lamp bulb extractor tool.
DS100 Series Latching Annunciator

The Alpha Communications® / TekTone DS100 Door Sentry™ series latching annunciator is designed for alarm indications of an opening or a closing of a dry contact, or for other emergency-call/ panic type applications.

When a remote contact switch is activated, the DS100 annunciator will sound an electronic alarm (tone) and will light, indicating the location of the alarm. The tone signal can be silenced at the master station (and/or at the optional IR019B remote alarm indicator). The individual switch/light will remain lighted until the remote switch is reset, and the master switch is depressed twice, resetting the light at the master annunciator.

The DS100 master annunciator is modular and can be flush, surface or desk mounted, and is available in any size, in multiples of four (4) lights/switches. The DS100 features built-in tone signal speaker, and tone silence button and light.

NOTE: When using one or more CM800 Remote Annunciators, triggered from the DS100 Master Annunciator, please add the Prefix "P" to each DS100 and AM100 module used for the Master Annunciator.

  • Modular (DS100) Master Station available for any size application (in multiples of 4 lights/switches)
  • Built-in Electronic Tone Signal and Tone Silence Switch
  • Wide Variety of Remote Pullcords/Push-button Stations
  • Form 'C' Dry Contact Relay output to power remote devices
  • Ideal for Elderly Housing and Emergency-Call Applications
  • Individual selector switches can be disabled (shunted) at the master station(s)
  • Optional CM800 (non-latching) Remote Annunciators can be provided
  • Requires only 1-Common and 1-Selective wire to each remote contact switch assembly
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The latching annunciator system shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone® DS100 series, or approved equal. At each of the remote locations , contractor shall furnish and install the required open OR closed circuit contact switch assembly.

At the main security location, contractor shall furnish and install one (1) model DS100/XX (xx=number of lamp indicators-must be in multiples of 4) annunciator console with appropriate backbox (specify flush, surface or desk mounting). Annunciator shall have indicator lights no less than 5/8" by 5/8" in size, to allow for positive alarm recognition, when activated. Unit shall have model ST005D test button(s) to allow for testing of all indicator lamps, as often as desired. Annunciator shall be latching type, and indicator lights will remain lighted until reset at the master (once remote switch has also been reset). Unit shall work on normally open OR normally closed switches, but all switches must be of the same activation/configuration/type.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

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