Product Specification Sheet APS036

Rev. 01/2014

SF7717 and SF7717D Locking Type Call Cords

Model SF7717 Single Call Cord Shown
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The call cord(s) shall be Alpha Communications® model SF7717 (single) or SF7717D (double) or approved equal. Model SF7717 shall provide for a single locking call button. Model SF7717D shall provide a 'Y' type cord with two locking call buttons.

The call cord(s) shall be encased in a molded, shockproof plastic case. The SF7717 shall be provided with a 7' polyvinyl cord. The SF7717D shall be provided with dual 7' polyvinyl cords. Call cord(s) shall feature a right-angle molded plug assembly and shall be grey in color. A model HW155 bed sheet clip shall be supplied (optionally) for each bed location.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

SF7717 and SF7717D Locking Type Call Cords
The Alpha Communications® SF7717 (single) or SF7717D (double) locking call cords are designed to be used with a variety of Nurse-Call Systems, on bed stations utilizing 1/4" phono jacks, requiring locking calls that can only be reset at the calling cord, for non UL applications. 

The SF7717 cord features a 7 foot long cord, and the SF7717D features twin 7 foot cord lengths. A wide variety of optional call cords are also available for specialty applications such as oxygen tents, geriatric use, and air-call. Contact Alpha Communications® for more information on other call cords available.

  • Simple Push-button Operation and Oversized Button
  • S.P.S.T. 1-Amp Momentary Switch
  • Integral brass, hard gold contacts
  • Rugged and Reliable.
  • Dirt and dust protection
  • Must Be Reset at Calling Cord Location by Pulling on Cap
  • Bed sheet clips available (Model HW155)
  • 500 mA, 50-watt maximum, AC
Cord shall be made from a heavy duty grey polyvinyl covered cord with molded right angle plug and locking button.
Push Button:
Locking S.P.S.T. type with integral brass, hard gold contacts, molded into a comfortable "oversized" hand pendant and button cap.
Other Models:
SF7717/10 (10 foot cord); SF7717/15 (15 foot cord)
Call Cord Operation
The patient, by pressing the locking button on the SF7717 (or SF7717D) call cord shall signal for assistance. The actual call signaling functions depend upon which system the call cord is being used with.
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