Product Specification Sheet APS035

Rev. 08/2013

WT2833NL Wall/Desk 'Dummy' Phone with Red Neon Ringer Light

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The "Dummy" Telephone(s) shall be Alpha Communications® model WT2833NL. Telephone(s) shall be mounted (surface, or table/desktop). Telephone(s) shall feature electret condenser microphone for exceptional voice fidelity. Handsets that include carbon transmitter or other voice technologies shall not be acceptable. Telephone(s) shall include a high-intensity Red Flashing Neon Lamp ringer indicator, 12 button alphanumeric lighted keypad, audible ringer On/Off selector switch, Tone/Pulse selector switch, modular cord and plug, and audible ringer bell. Telephone shall be F.C.C. approved and shall be finished in an Off-White color. Red Flashing Neon Ringer Indicator lamp shall be clearly visible whether the telephone is desk or wall mounted, and shall activate in conjunction with the ringer bell, or by itself when the ringer bell is silenced. Telephones that feature L.E.D. or non-flashing type ringer indicator lamps shall not be acceptable.

WT2833NL Wall/Desk Phone with Red Neon Ringer Light
The Alpha Communications® WT2833NL telephones are designed to work as an apartment type telephone intercom station, in conjunction with a telephone entry type intercom system. 

The WT2833NL telephones are ideal for use as "Dummy Phones" on "No-Phone-Bill" type telephone entry intercom systems, where the apartment tenant does not have a telephone connected to the phone company lines. 

These attractive phones easily surface mount on the wall or on a table or desktop. The Pulse/Tone feature allows its use on virtually any type of phone line, enabling it to activate a lobby electric door release. The Lighted keypad allows its use in dark rooms or at night. The high-intensity Flashing Red Neon Indicator Lamp makes the WT2833NL telephone a perfect solution for hearing-impaired tenants, who cannot hear the normal ringer bell.

  • Built-In High-Intensity Flashing Red Neon Indicator Lamp
  • High Quality Duplex Voice Operation with Electret Condenser Microphone
  • Easy Installation. F.C.C. Approved.
  • 12-Button Alphanumeric Lighted Push-button Keypad
  • Tone/Pulse Operation (Switch Selectable)
  • Audible Ringer On/Off Selector Switch
  • Mounts Surface or Table/Desk-Top
  • Standard Color: Off-White (other optional colors available)
3.13"W (80mm) x 9.00"H (229mm) x 2.75"D (70mm). All dimensions shown are for the surface wall type configuration, less the coiled cord.
Neon Indicator: 
High-Intensity Flashing Red Neon.
High Quality Electret Condenser Type.
12-Button Alphanumeric Lighted Keypad.
Surface or Table/Desk-Top (Standard).
F.C.C. Approved
Pulse/Tone switch, Ringer Bell On/Off switch, Flash/Pause button, Mute Button, Redial button.
Off-White Standard. Other optional colors available upon request.
An optional Model WT2833NLKP is available with a modified keypad, which disables some of the keypad buttons, to prevent the phone from calling out on standard phone lines.
Note: the keypad on this phone can be field modified by the contractor to individually dis-able one or more of the keypad buttons to prevent this phone from being used on regular dial-out telephone lines. Please contact Alpha Communications® for detailed instructions on how to dis-able the keypad push buttons (if required).
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