Product Specification Sheet APS026

Rev. 07/2013

845 Series Digital-Dial Switchboard Intercom

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
845/002 Master Station
902/845 Remote Handset Station
845 Series Digital-Dial Switchboard Intercom

The Alpha Communications® 845 series intercom system is an internal intercom switchboard system that can be used in Luxury Apartment Buildings, Dormitories, Health Care Facilities, Hotels, Motels, Schools, Offices, Bowling Alleys and Supermarkets. The 845 series is an advanced 5-wire (loop) system, with dual LED annunciation, conversation privacy, and 800 remote handset capacity.

Up to 800 remote handsets can be used and all handsets can call to the switchboard (in full communication privacy), talk with another remote handset, receive a call from an optional lobby intercom panel, and activate a lobby electric door release. Model 902/845 handsets are White finish and easily mount right on the wall or over a single gang flush electrical back box.

For part-time switchboard operation, calls to remote handsets can be transferred to a digital lobby/entrance intercom panel. All calls placed from the entry panel are private, and for added security, only the remote station called can activate the electric door release. (All of these features are available on the same 5-wires!)

  • LED Annunciation of Call-Up and Call-Down
  • Easy 5-Wire Intercom Hookup to Remotes (all-common)
  • Private Conversation from Handset to Switchboard
  • Up to 800 Remote Handsets on one system
  • Transfer Calls to Lobby Intercom Panel, with Door Release
  • Compact Size 845/002 Master Switchboard Mounts Conveniently right on Desk-Top
  • Call Down Memory
System Components

Master Station: Model 845/002. Use 1 per system. Outside Dimensions are: 12.75"W (311mm) x 9.25"H (235mm) x 4.75"D (120mm). Material: Black color ABS plastic. Desk Mount Only.

Remote Handsets: Model 902/845 White. Wall mount. Outside Dimensions are: 3.55"W (91mm) x 8.75"H (223mm) x 2.75"D(70mm). All dimensions shown are less the coil cord.

Power Supplies: Model 841/800. Use for first 100 (or less) remote handsets. Use Model 841/101 booster power supply for each additional 100 (or less) remote handsets.

Wiring Required: Use 5-conductor #22AWG loop wire up to 2,000 feet maximum.

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The intercom system shall be Alpha Communications®/ Elvox™ 845 series, or approved equal. At the master location contractor shall furnish and install one model 845/002 digital-dial switchboard station and associated (841/800, 841/101) power supplies. Master station shall have built-in system amplifier, dual LED call-up and call-down annunciators, call-down signal tone with 20 call memory, dial keypad, phone connect switch, Day/Night transfer switch, memory scroll switch and privacy handset. Wiring to remote handsets shall be #22AWG (up to 2,000 feet) with 5-common wires per remote handset. At each remote location contractor shall furnish and install one model 902/845 handset. Each remote handset shall include a 3-digit encoder pin to send/receive its own unique 3-digit numerical code. Handset shall be White color and shall mount right to wall or over single gang electrical "gem" box. Handset call tone shall be electronic type, programmable for steady or pulse.
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