Product Specification Sheet APS021

Rev. 04/2019

SF301/8 (Single) / SF302 (Dual) Call Cords

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The call cord(s) shall be Alpha Communications® Model SF301/8 (single) or SF302 (double) or approved equal. Model SF301/8 shall provide for a single momentary call button. Model SF302 shall provide a 'Y' type cord with two momentary call buttons. The call cords shall be made to U.L.® 1069 standards and encased in a molded, shockproof plastic case. The SF301/8 shall be ETL Listed and shall be provided with an 8' polyvinyl cord and the SF301/10 shall be provided with a 10' polyvinyl cord. The SF302 shall be provided with dual 6' polyvinyl cords and the SF302/10 shall be provided with dual 10' polyvinyl cords. Call cords shall include the HW155 security "bed" clip attached, and shall feature a right angle molded plug assembly. Call cords shall be able to withstand gas sterilization without damage, but should not be used in oxygen-rich environments. (except for the newest model SF301/8).

SF301/8 and SF302 Series Call Cords
The Alpha Communications® SF301/8 (single) or SF302 (double) call cords are specifically designed to be used with the AlphaLINQ 100 series, AlphaECall 200 series, and older NC110A, NC110N, NC150N, NC200N, NC205, NC300 and NC300II Nurse-Call Systems, and on TC500 Emergency-Call systems, on bed stations utilizing 1/4" type phono jacks.

The SF301/8 cord features an 8 foot long cord, and the SF302 features twin 6 foot cord lengths. A wide variety of optional call cords are also available for specialty applications such as geriatric use, and air-call. Ten foot cords are also available in single (SF301/10) and double (SF302/10) cord styles. Other length cords are available on special order

  • Simple push button operation and "winged" pendant
  • Made to U.L.® 1069 or ETL specifications
  • S.P.S.T. 1-Amp Momentary Switch
  • Integral brass, hard gold contacts
  • Rugged and Reliable. Can be gas sterilized
  • Dirt and dust protection
  • Small, lightweight pendant fits comfortably in hand
  • Bed sheet clips included
  • 500 mA, 50-watt maximum, AC
  • ESD protection to 15,000 volts
  • SAFE FOR USE IN OXYGEN ENVIRONMENTS (newest version ETL Listed model SF301/8 ONLY!!)

Cord shall be made from a heavy duty polyvinyl covered cord with molded right angle plug and momentary contact button encased in a shockproof plastic "winged" pendant.

Push Button:

Momentary S.P.S.T. type with integral brass, hard gold contacts, molded into a comfortable "winged" hand pendant.

Callcord Operation
The patient, by pressing the momentary button on the SF301/8 (or other equivalent SF301 and/or SF302 series) call cord shall signal for assistance. The actual call signaling functions depend upon which system the call cord is being used.
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