Product Specification Sheet APS017

Rev. 07/2013

IS407S Vandal-Resistant Apt. Intercom Station-Surface

IS407S Station & BP407S Backplate
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The apartment station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® (V.I.P.™ series) model IS407S or approved equal. Station faceplate shall be minimum .035" solid stainless steel. Momentary action, metal push-buttons shall be provided for TALK, LISTEN and DOOR functions. Button markings shall be right on the faceplate. The speaker/microphone shall be a 2.75" (70mm) high-sensitivity type with excellent voice-frequency and tone signaling response. Color-coded pigtail wires shall be provided, and required standard wiring shall be only three (3) common wires and one (1) selective. (Add 1-common wire for systems with individual apt. door push-buttons that need to tone through the IS407S stations).

IS407S Vandal-Resistant Apartment Intercom Station

The Alpha Communications® IS407S (V.I.P.™ series) apartment intercom stations are designed specifically to minimize vandalism and tenant abuse. Made from .035" thick solid stainless steel, with metal push-buttons, these stations are made to last. A high sensitivity 2.75" (70mm) speaker assures clear voice communication, as well as tone signal response.

The IS407S is designed to easily surface mount right onto the finished wall surface, without a costly back box. For a more secure installation or for uneven wall surfaces, we recommend the included BP407S steel backplate connector be used.

Color-coded pigtail wiring makes these stations easy to wire and resists water corrosion found on P.C. board type stations. The advanced electronic design permits use in any size building. 

A wide variety of optional accessories is available to provide additional functions such as multi-entrance operation, post office door release, silent or delayed door release, etc. Stations are also available in custom sizes and wiring configurations.

  • Simple push button operation
  • Made of Rugged Stainless Steel with Metal Push-Buttons
  • Tamper and Vandal-Resistant
  • Easy Installation
  • Automatic Privacy
  • Clear Voice Fidelity using high quality 2.75" voice speaker
  • Mounts Surface right on finished wall (only 1.25" deep!)
  • Simple to Operate and Reliable
  • Requires only 3-common and 1-selective wire (add 1 common wire when apt. door tone signaling is required)

5.50"W (140mm) x 7.00"H (178mm) x 1.25"D (32mm) from finished wall. 


Solid .035" thick Stainless Steel Faceplate.


2.75" round (70mm), 45 ohms, designed for crystal-clear voice and tone signal response.

Push Buttons:

Individually replaceable Metal pushbuttons with self-wiping plated contacts. Identified TALK, LISTEN and DOOR.


Mounts right on surface of wall with pre-punched mounting holes, or may be used with included BP407S backplate connector.

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