Product Specification Sheet APS013

Rev. 01/2017

TW202 Heavy-Duty Visitor Intercom Station - Handset type


(Light Ash)



Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The visitor intercom station(s) shall be Alpha Communications┬« model TW202BK (Black) or TW202LA (Light Ash) or approved equal. The handset shall have an armor cord and shall have a high-sensitivity receiver and dynamic microphone, for excellent voice fidelity. Communication shall be full duplex type, activated by lifting the handset off of its cradle switch. Positive screw terminals shall be provided, and required wiring shall be only three (3) common wires from each handset to the NH908A power supply. Cradle switch shall be chrome plated solid metal type. Plastic cradle switches shall not be acceptable. Contractor shall supply tamper-resistant screws and mounting hardware as required. Handsets shall be flush (or surface) mounted over the appropriate electrical back box. Contractor shall provide a model NH908A power supply and SS106 transformer for each system (and optional CEC152 equipment cabinet or equivalent).
TW202 Heavy-Duty Visitor Intercom Station

The Alpha Communications® TW202 series intercom stations are designed specifically for 2-way communications through a wall (or window), in applications such as prisons. Made from a heavy-duty armor cord intercom handset, solid chrome finish metal hook switch and .024" thick solid stainless steel mounting plate, these stations are made to last. A high sensitivity receiver and dynamic microphone assures crisp-clear voice communication. 

The TW202 can be mounted flush on a standard 2-gang electrical back box, or it can be surface mounted on a standard 2-gang metalmold or equivalent surface back box.

Positive screw terminals make these stations easy to wire. Stations are available with Black Handset (model TW202BK) or with Light Ash Handset (model TW202LA). Normally used in pairs, up to four (4) TW202 units can be connected in parallel from a single NH908A power supply.


  • Simple operation. Just lift handset up and speak
  • Rugged Stainless Steel mounting plate with Chrome finish metal hook switch.
  • Heavy Duty Armor Cord Handset available in Black or Light Ash
  • Easy Installation
  • Automatic Duplex Communication. No buttons to press
  • Clear Voice Fidelity using high quality receiver and dynamic microphone elements
  • Mounts Flush or Surface
  • Requires only 3 low-voltage wires (looped or home-run) between TW202 stations and to the NH908A power supply
Dimensions 4.75"W (121mm) x 4.63"H (118mm) x 1.0"D (25mm) (Faceplate Only).
Construction: Solid .024" Thick Stainless Steel Faceplate.
Mounting: Flush or Surface (on electrical box). 
System Components
Power Supply Model NH908A. 1 Required per system of 2 to 4 TW202 handsets.
Transformer: Model SS106. U.L. listed (Class II) pigtailtype. Primary 120VAC. Secondary 16VAC, 20VA (1 Required for each NH908A).
Cabinet: Model CEC152. U.L. listed metal cabinet for the NH908A (Optional).
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