Product Specification Sheet APS010

Rev. 09/2013

V.I.P. Series Stainless Steel Directory Units

VIP056D Stainless Steel (Shown)
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The alphabetical directory unit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® Model VIP0XXD (for 06,10, 22, 32, 36, 44, 56 or 72 names), or approved equal, and shall be mounted right on the surface of the wall. Contractor shall fasten the directory unit(s) securely to the wall. No back box shall be required. Directory unit(s) shall be made of heavy-gauge brushed stainless steel (or polished brass-add suffix 'BR), with the name strips protected by a sheet of clear Polycarbonate. Name insertion and maintenance shall require the use of a 'Star' head type screwdriver tool. Contractor shall provide one (1) screwdriver tool (per building), to the building management (or superintendent), for future directory name maintenance. Directory shall have an extruded aluminum track to hold the engraved (model TDS) name strips. Extruded directory strip track shall have a 'stop' at the bottom to prevent name strips from falling out, once directory is secured to the wall.
VIP™ Series Stainless Steel and Brass Directory Units

The Alpha Communications® VIP™ Series Stainless Steel (Vandal-Resistant) directory units are designed to mount right on the surface of the wall. They are also available in a solid Polished Brass finish (add suffix 'BR' to model number). Made of heavy-gauge brushed stainless steel (or polished brass), the (VIP0XXD) VIP™ directories hold up to 10, 22, 32, 36, 44, 56 or 72 engraved (or blank) directory strips, protected by a polycarbonate window. For installations requiring more than 72 names, simply mount additional directory units side-by-side (or order custom-size directory units).

Installation is quick, easy, attractive and requires no back box. Name insertion and maintenance requires the use of a 'Star' type screwdriver tip. The use of 'Star' head screws makes it nearly impossible to open the directory without the use of the special tool (included with each directory unit).

The engraved strips are held in place by an extruded aluminum track, with a 'stop' on the bottom to prevent names from falling out, once installed onto the wall. The VIP™ directory units can be used in conjunction with lobby entry intercom panels, or as a stand-alone directory installation.

  • Heavy Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel (or solid Brass) Faceplate
  • Easy Installation--Mounts Right on Surface of the Wall
  • 6, 10, 22, 32, 36, 44, 56 and 72-Name Capacity Models Available (other sizes available on special-order)
  • Names are Protected by a Thick Polycarbonate Window
  • Rugged and Good-Looking. Vandal-Resistant
  • Works with a variety of apartment intercom and videointercom entry panels
  • Tamper-Resistant 'Star' Head Screws Used for St. Steel units
  • Includes Special 'Star' Screwdriver Tip for Name Access
Models Available*
  • VIP006D: 6-Name Capacity. 3.50"H (89mm)
  • VIP010D: 10-Name Capacity. 4.50"H (115mm)
  • VIP022D: 22-Name Capacity. 7.50"H (191mm)
  • VIP032D: 32-Name Capacity. 10.50"H (267mm)
  • VIP036D: 36-Name Capacity. 11.50"H (293mm)
  • VIP044D: 44-Name Capacity. 13.50"H (343mm)
  • VIP056D: 56-Name Capacity. 16.50"H (420mm)
  • VIP072D: 72-Name Capacity. 21.00"H (534mm)

* All models above are 4.25"W (108mm) x 0.38"D (10mm).

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