Product Specification Sheet APS005

Rev. 07/2013

RB8S / RB8ST Ceiling Speaker (8 inch)

RB8S / RB8ST Ceiling Speaker
Ceiling Speaker Assembly
RB8S / RB8ST Ceiling Speakers

The Alpha Communications® RB8S speaker is a cost effective ceiling speaker and baffle (grille) combination. The model RB8S features a high-quality 8 ohm public address and background music speaker, with excellent voice and music response. The RB8ST is the same as the model RB8S, but also includes a built-in (dual voltage) 25 volt/70 volt line transformer.

The RB8S series speaker is designed to be installed easily, into a standard suspended (hung) ceiling or sheet-rocked ceiling.

  • Large 12.5" diameter covers irregular cut holes
  • White, non-glare finish blends with ceiling materials
  • Easy-on studs for attaching speaker to baffle in seconds
  • Baffle (grille) manufactured of U.V. stabilized, high-impact polystyrene thermoplastic
  • Paintable and non-corroding baffle (grille)
  • Matching white-head screws and push-on nuts furnished
  • High quality 8 inch diameter (round), 8 ohm voice and music speaker
  • 1 year limited factory warranty
  • Very competitively priced
Options / Componenets
Model IH008: Flush mounting ring (plastic). (1) required for each RB8S and/or RB8ST speaker.

Model PH8-1:

Protective enclosure (optional). Protects speaker from dust and ceiling residue and helps to project sound from speaker.

Model TB8X: Tee-Bar ceiling tile support bridge (optional). Use for weak or flimsy ceiling or ceiling tiles. Helps distribute weight of speaker over a larger area. Used for safety mounting of speakers. Fits into ceiling tile metal grid.
Model RB8S45:
Same as RB8S but with 45 ohm speaker.
Model RB8SV:
Same as RB8S but with built-in rotary volume control.
Model RB8STV:
Same as RB8ST but with built-in rotary volume control.

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