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The TA205C Series handsets are primarily used in apartment house and multi-unit buildings, and are available in 5-wire type only. They are finished in white plastic, and have a built-in electric door release button, under the removable handset. This button location forces the resident to lift the handset (and hopefully talk to the visitor) before being able to release the electric door opener.

These attractive handsets easily surface mount right on the wall or over a single gang flush electrical back box (or plaster ring).

All TA205C Series handsets feature pleasant electronic tone signaling, coiled cord and electric door release button.

A wide variety of lobby entry stations and system options are available for the TA205C system.

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System Components


Wiring Information

Apartment riser wiring shall be 4-common (2 twisted pair must be used) #22AWG and 1 selective wire #22AWG, for each handset station connected to the riser cable.

Add 1-#22AWG common wire if 2nd tone signal will be used with optional apartment pushbuttons, to signal apartments when visitor is at apartment door.

See system Installation Manual: IL418 for more complete wiring information.

Spec Sheets / Literature

  • 7111 / 7113 Door Contact Switches (Golmar)
  • 8-Page Alpha Communications® Condensed (FULL COLOR) Product Catalog
  • 8310 Single Door Magnetic Door Lock
  • AlphaCommunications® Limited Warranty
  • AlphaLobby™ Lobby Directory Display Software Literature
  • AM100 / AM190 Blank Panel Modules
  • AM190 Series Apt. Intercom System Entrance Button Panels
  • AM193 Series DUPLEX Apt. Intercom System Speaker Entrance Panels
  • AM493 Series Vandal-resistant Apt. Intercom System Speaker Entrance Panels
  • AM613 Apartment Intercom System Speaker Entrance Panels
  • AM643 Series Vandal-Resistant Apt. Intercom Speaker Entrance Panels
  • AP001 and AP001B Steel Adapter Plate (painted White)
  • AP777 and AP777B Steel Adapter Plate (painted White)
  • CM493 Series Vandal-resistant Apt. Intercom System Speaker Entrance Panels
  • DO-001 Electric Door Opener (Mortise Type)
  • DO-001A Electric Door Opener (Mortise Type)
  • IA502 Multi-Entrance Audio Switching Adapter
  • IH352 / IH353 / IH355 / IH356 / IH357 / IH358 Electrical Boxes/Mounting Rings
  • Intercom Wire and Cable For Low Voltage Applications
  • KFSE-I-19 Windows Free-Standing Indoor Kiosk with 19" Touchscreen
  • KIFS-O-17H Free-Standing Outdoor Kiosk with 17" Touchscreen
  • KIOFS019TS Windows Free-Standing Outdoor Kiosk with 19" Touchscreen
  • KISW-I-18SS Surface Kiosk with 18.5" Touchscreen (AlphaEntry™)
  • KPVM Series Windows Panel PC with 17" Touchscreen (AlphaEntry™)
  • LI404A Flashing Strobe for Hearing Impaired
  • LI404B Flashing Strobe for Hearing Impaired
  • Names4Frames™ Product Literature Sheet / Brochure
  • OF190 Series Aluminum Lobby Panel Frames
  • OH190 Series Flush Panel Backbox/Housing for OF190
  • OH600 / OH601 Series Flush Panel Backbox/Housings
  • PD2-111 Push To Exit Station (Alum.)
  • PEDD4272B 42" Free Standing Dual Pedestal Unit
  • PEDH0707 Pedestal Housing Unit
  • PEDH0713 Pedestal Housing Unit
  • PEDH1414 Pedestal Housing Unit
  • PEDS042B 42" Free Standing Pedestal Unit
  • PK205 Apartment Intercom System Amplifier
  • PK407A - 16VAC Specialty Relay
  • PK427A - 16VAC Specialty (Dual) Relay
  • PK502B Multi-Entrance Audio Switching Adapter
  • PK601A 24VDC Power Supply
  • PO101S Surface Mount Postal Door Release Station
  • RY014B Tone Activated Specialty Relay
  • RY502A Universal Dual Door Timer relay
  • S1 and SL0 Roberts Head (Scrulox) Screwdrivers
  • SD1 6-Lobe Head (Star type) Screwdrivers
  • TA105I and TA305I Panel Handset Modules
  • TA205B 5-Wire Apt. Handset Station for PK205
  • TA205C 5-Wire Apt. Handset Station for PK205
  • U.L. Listed DC Power Supplies
  • U.L. Listed Plug-In Power Transformers
  • U.L. Listed Power Transformers
  • VI402 V.I.P.™ Series Stainless Steel Lobby Panels
  • VI404 V.I.P.™ Series Polished Brass Lobby Panels
  • WINPC/SS20 Master Station Windows PC with 19.5" Screen (AlphaEntry™ Series)
  • WINPC/TS20 Master Station Windows PC with 20" Touchscreen (AlphaEntry™ Series)
  • WINPC/TS23 Master Station Windows PC with 23" Touchscreen (AlphaEntry™ Series)
  • TA205C 5-Wire Handset Type Entry Intercom - Duplex Voice


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